Driven serious started to be formed in late 2010 when Rob Jones, the singer-songwriter-guitarist gave Tom Gregory-Smith, the violin player a phone call having got his number from an advert on the wall in a music shop. The influences, styles and musical development of the individual band members are truly eclectic, creating a sound that is lyrically driven, with high energy and soul. It would be easy to pigeon-hole Driven Serious into the Folk-Rock category, but the diversity of the percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, punk feel and poetic and sensitive sentiment of some of the songs always guarantees a journey for the audience. An amazing performance is always certain, due the genuineness, honesty and experience of the musicians.

Fans recently described their performance as ‘F**k You Folk.’ Their intense energy, emotion, genuineness and fun always engage the audience to the extent that they leave wanting more. The lyrically driven songsmithery takes you on a dynamic rollercoaster of mood and emotion that is created by the high musicianship and talents of all members. You will never have heard anything quite like Driven Serious. They guarantee to deliver a truly engaging show and lift the audience with their acoustic / electric driven folk / punk. Cathy Geldard’s Shetland influenced fiddle is rhythmic, percussive, melodic, hard and warm, simultaneously and is a Driven Serious signature. Johnnie Walker’s Drums, driving the songs, is sure and inventive. Tim Packer’s upright, bowed and electric bass playing creates diversity from this multi-instrumentalist. The complimentary, sensitive chemistry between the members elevate Rob Jones’s songs, his rugged and dynamic vocals and his guitar playing to an explosive level.

Although Driven Serious is truly individual, when people have strived to compare, as it is in their nature to do, they have mentioned names such as The Smiths, The Levellers, The Wonder-stuff, REM, The Pogues, Damien Rice and Radiohead.

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